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James Bond, Canary Wharf Magazine

In 2015, David Collins Studio were asked to imagine the James Bond’s private study by Canary Wharf magazine. The room references his vocation as the most important member of the Secret Service but at the same time, a man who is under the radar and one who enjoys the great pleasures and extravagances of life. Bespoke elements are incorporated into the design, and a masterly mix of antique and modern features, as well as a layered edit of materials and references. James Bond is a man who is refined, well-travelled and well educated – the study reflects Bond’s idiosyncrasies and trademarks.
The Studio’s vision was to take a strong colour, British Racing Green, and use this as a basis for almost everything within the study. The tone on tone, and texture on tone approach gives the study a rich and characteristic look. The design is intentionally low-tech and mixes pieces from many 20th century periods. A sense of uniqueness is realised through the use of colour, materials, pattern and coveted collectables – green enamel, metal, green velvet, marbling, precious stones and gold. There is also a juxtaposition of old and new in the use of Prouvé, while gadgetry is left to a few essential pieces of spy equipment.